Intelectual property

Intelectual property

With over 50 years experience in this area, we maintain one of the most prestigious lists of active clients in the Andean Region.

MOSQUERA ABOGADOS | Asesoría legal especializada internacionalOur work includes strategic and general advice on the application of trademark, trade secret, copyright and patent protection for a variety of assets including inventions, information and software.

This strategic advice has involved the protection of specific types of property, and the development of comprehensive corporate strategies to take the protection of intellectual property issues affecting internal and external operations of our clients.

Our professionals have extensive experience in various types of litigation related to the area of industrial property, including trademarks, patents and cases of copyright infringement, as well as disputes over trade secrets and licensing. With access to the online database of the Trademark Office of the Superintendent of Industry and Commerce, we can conduct and report results trademark search immediately, duly accompanied by our comments and recommendations, as well as all relevant information that It may affect the interests of our customers.

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