Pro Bono

At MOSQUERA ABOGADOS social work is an important part of our practice. Our commitment to volunteer work for social purposes is paramount.

MOSQUERA ABOGADOS | Asesoría legal especializada internacionalWe strongly believe that even though we are a commercial firm, we share equally the obligation to ensure the improvement and development of social conditions in our community.

It is for this that we support and encourage free legal advice to individuals and organizations committed to the improvement of social conditions, not only of our country but of the community at large. We are aware that this kind of work can we get to take considerable time by our attorneys; however, we believe it is entirely appropriate because it is important to actively contribute to this end.

Health law

Our professionals provide comprehensive advice regarding the law of Hygiene.

MOSQUERA ABOGADOS | Asesoría legal especializada internacionalComprising all the norms prevailing in Colombia for speed control of Sanitary Registration, Quality Control and Surveillance of Drugs, Cosmetics, Liquor, Pharmaceutical Preparations of resources natural, Cleaning Products, Hygiene & Cleaning, Insecticides and Pesticides for domestic use, in Vitro Diagnostic Reagents and medical devices, in all matters relating to their production process, packaging, sale, import, export and marketing.


MOSQUERA ABOGADOS provides its clients the following services in this practice area:
Advice on general application feasibility Health Registry.

  • Classification, preparation and presentation of the information provided by the customer as a formal application with the National Institute of Food and Drug Monitoring INVIMA.
  • Verification before INVIMA of information provided by the customer and after obtaining all kinds of medical background on the process requested by the client.
  • In case of food, liquor and cosmetics, research and analysis with the documentation provided by the customer to the feasibility of grouping for the purpose of cost reduction.
  • Confrontation, reorganization and maintenance of the information provided by the customer with the information that exists in INVIMA record.

Intelectual property

With over 50 years experience in this area, we maintain one of the most prestigious lists of active clients in the Andean Region.

MOSQUERA ABOGADOS | Asesoría legal especializada internacionalOur work includes strategic and general advice on the application of trademark, trade secret, copyright and patent protection for a variety of assets including inventions, information and software.

This strategic advice has involved the protection of specific types of property, and the development of comprehensive corporate strategies to take the protection of intellectual property issues affecting internal and external operations of our clients.

Our professionals have extensive experience in various types of litigation related to the area of industrial property, including trademarks, patents and cases of copyright infringement, as well as disputes over trade secrets and licensing. With access to the online database of the Trademark Office of the Superintendent of Industry and Commerce, we can conduct and report results trademark search immediately, duly accompanied by our comments and recommendations, as well as all relevant information that It may affect the interests of our customers.


Our firm offers full advisory services for clients in their required immigration proceedings in Colombia.

MOSQUERA ABOGADOS | Asesoría legal especializada internacionalThanks to our wide and diverse foreign client base, our team has developed substantial experience in the various proceedings required nowadays in Colombia for foreigners to enter Colombia for business purposes.

The various treaties of Colombia with various nations around the globe, provide for different alternatives and benefits to individuals seeking the possibility to obtain the necessary permits for their entry into Colombia to develop their business activities.

Employment Law

Our team of professionals with vast experience in corporate advisory on labor issues, is dedicated to providing the required support and advice for proper management of employment relationships for our clients.

MOSQUERA ABOGADOS | Asesoría legal especializada internacionalThis advisory work extends to representation of clients in various litigation matters before the administrative and judicial jurisdictions in this area of practice.

Antitrust and competition

Our Antitrust and Competition is highly qualified to offer clients with an adequate risk assessment, as well as planning and implementing effective management strategies.

The experience and expertise of our professionals gives us the ability to address complex issues in these areas of practice, finding appropriate and effective means to achieve the strategic objectives of our clients.

MOSQUERA ABOGADOS | Asesoría legal especializada internacionalWe have an excellent record in obtaining approvals for our customers, especially in the commercial, industrial and financial sectors, on issues related to mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures.

Similarly, we have extensive experience representing clients in issues related to competition and restrictive practices litigation with excellent results.

Our practice aims to find practical solutions to the many issues that our customers face today in the modern business context. Our professionals combine their expertise in legal and economic issues to provide service of the highest quality, on a timely and efficient basis.


Our litigation team continuously represents clients in the courts and arbitration panels in Colombia and throughout Latin America.

MOSQUERA ABOGADOS | Asesoría legal especializada internacionalProceedings before governmental authorities, as well as the judicial system, has significant experience in the areas of Business, Finance, Commercial and Industrial Property. Multinationals, leading entities from the financial sector, telecommunications and government, continually use our services to defend their interests both in Colombia and abroad.

Our practice extends to the Andean Region and Central America, where on various occasions we act as regional counsel for clients in multijurisdictional litigation. Our role contemplates the design and supervision of the legal strategy for handling such cross-border litigation, together with establishing effective interaction with local counsel in each country, in order to successfully structure a uniform legal strategy throughout the region for our clients.

Foreign investment

In MOSQUERA ABOGADOS we offer comprehensive legal advice for the establishment of operations of foreign entities in and out of Colombia and the Latin American Region.

 MOSQUERA ABOGADOS | Asesoría legal especializada internacionalOur professionals have a profound knowledge of the existing regulatory framework for the entry of new participants to the Colombian market, their establishment and operation, requirements and formalities that demand detailed knowledge of the correct and precise steps that must be followed for such effects.

In particular, in relation to the practice of foreign exchange regulation, requirement for any foreign investment in Colombia or from Colombia abroad, our firm remains constantly active in providing the necessary legal support to clients, where the presence of a special and detail regulation, calls for prompt and efficient actions to properly report and comply with the existing regime in Colombia.


Mergers and acquisitions

Thanks to our diverse customer base and experience of our lawyers in their international practice, we have consolidated a solid group of professionals who have structured, with great success, a wide number of transactions in the country.

Participants in the segments of pharmaceuticals, air services, information technology, internet, office logistics, meals, financial services (banking, leasing and insurance), auto parts, telecommunications, textiles and manufacturing, among others, have relied on our professional advice.

MOSQUERA ABOGADOS | Asesoría legal especializada internacional

Thanks to the organizational structure and teams capabilities that we have; we are a dynamic and flexible organization that can easily adjust to meet the needs of our clients and their respective interests in this area of practice.

From the design of the desired corporate structure, to the leadership and coordination of the due diligence process, and up to negotiating and closing the respective documentation, Mosquera Abogados offers personalized and ongoing advice throughout the process to its clients for the purposes of meeting the diverse needs that these kind of transactions demand nowadays.

Financial, banking and capital markets

MOSQUERA ABOGADOS is permanently recognized as a leading firm in rendering experienced and timely advice to companies, institutions, investment funds and public and private entities in their financial operations, both within the banking and capital market environments.

Local and Foreign Financial Institutions, Private Capital Investment Funds, Commercial Finance Companies, and Insurance Companies represent most of our customer base in this area of practice.

Our professionals, many with extensive experience in the financial, regulatory and governmental sectors, offer comprehensive legal advice to our clients in the particularities of the transactional aspects of such operations.

MOSQUERA ABOGADOS | Asesoría legal especializada internacionalWithin our main activities in this area of practice are structuring and negotiating domestic and international financings, syndicated loans, Export Credit Agencies or Multilateral Agencies financings, Debt Offerings (Bonds and Structured Notes), negotiation of local and international derivatives contracts (ISDA), Project Finance and Leasing.

Similarly, Mosquera Abogados provides national and international advice to financial institutions for their business activities in Colombia in matters such as regulation, compliance and administrative proceedings before the respective authorities.