Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions

Thanks to our diverse customer base and experience of our lawyers in their international practice, we have consolidated a solid group of professionals who have structured, with great success, a wide number of transactions in the country.

Participants in the segments of pharmaceuticals, air services, information technology, internet, office logistics, meals, financial services (banking, leasing and insurance), auto parts, telecommunications, textiles and manufacturing, among others, have relied on our professional advice.

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Thanks to the organizational structure and teams capabilities that we have; we are a dynamic and flexible organization that can easily adjust to meet the needs of our clients and their respective interests in this area of practice.

From the design of the desired corporate structure, to the leadership and coordination of the due diligence process, and up to negotiating and closing the respective documentation, Mosquera Abogados offers personalized and ongoing advice throughout the process to its clients for the purposes of meeting the diverse needs that these kind of transactions demand nowadays.

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